Privacy Policy

In the tutorials, accessible from, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our website visitors. Nowhere does the tutorial distribute or sell the personal information of its users. These privacy documents will tell you what kind of information is collected on Tutorialsug, how they are used, and what your rights are.

1. Collected Information:

We also collect information like other websites, after which we upload the information on our website.
This information is taken from every user who visits Tutorials. This information includes IP (s) (Internet Protocol) addresses, ISP (Internet Service Provider), device, operating system, date and time, browser (its type and version) related information, navigation and exit pages, demographic information, and more. It happens.
When you comment on our site, contact us via the contact form, fill out our email newsletter form or send mail to our email address. So at that time, you send us your name, email address, website/blog name.
Also, additional information you send. We do not ask you about that. Therefore, do not send any information about yourself other than the information you asked. Unless additional information is sought.

2. How do we use this information

Information you provide via our contact form, comment, email subscription form, and email. We use them to contact you. And you have to send updated information from time to time to Tutorialsug. We do not share any type information with anyone else. So you can contact us at uneducated. And when a copy of your information can be sought from us and you can also delete it.

3. Cookies

Where is the user-preferred time to visit the site? What type of notifications is he accessing? Cookies are used to collect information. Also, webmasters use them to personalize and customize the webpages available on the site. The most important use of these is to enhance the user experience of the site.
You can use cookies in your suggestions to improve Google search results and advertisements after/after viewing the site. So to control Google's privacy settings, you should proceed with Google privacy policies.

4. Google 

we use google Adsense advertising on our website (

4. COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

When children use the Internet, our priority is to add security.
We observe parents and guardians of online activity and encourage them to participate and / or guide.
Tutorials do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information for children under 13 years of age. If you think that the child has taken such information on the website, then you will contact us, we will remove such information.

4. Comment Policy

Comment (s) is a better way of clearing doubts related to a particular topic/subject published on the site. Therefore, like other websites/blogs, we also welcome comments.
And every comment you make is our policy. 

5. Question

If you need any additional information related to the privacy policy of or do not have any questions/information for us, you can contact them.