What is Software development life cycle?

What is SDLC?

SDLC stands for - Software Development Life Cycle. We use SDLC to design software. With the help of SDLC, we develop software. There are some steps of SDLC, with the help of which we design software. It is part of a software engineer, we use software engineer SDLC to provide high-quality software.

Fig: SDLC Diagram
Fig: SDLC Diagram

SDLC stage:
There are some steps of SDLC, with the help of which we design software.

  • Planning
  • Requirements
  • System Design
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

1. Planning: 

The first phase of SDLC is planning. In the planning phase, we discuss what type of software to build, and what is the goal of that software, what are the requirements and what should be the quality of the software. And how much will it cost to make this software? We discuss all these in the planning phase.

2. Requirements:

Requirements are the second phase of the SDLC about which we discussed the software in the planning phase. So that all the problem of requirement phase can be investigated, what are the requirements of the end-user, we study those requirements on paper. Then we prepare a document of all this information. It is part of SRS.
SRS stands for "" Software Requirements Specification ".

3. System Design:

This is the third stage of SDLC, in this, we design the software system based on the system prepared in the second phase, in this we check that the document on which we are designing the software, if there is any problem, So how to fix it In system design we produce a blueprint of technical software. In this, we do coding to design the software.

4. Testing:

This is the fourth phase of SDLC. It tests the software designed by the software developers, it checks whether the software is working properly or not showing any error.

 Various types of testing tools are used in testing, such as white box, black box. In testing, one function of the software is checked and it is also seen whether the software is user friendly or not.


This is the fifth phase of SDLC. When the software is complete, it is checked whether the software that is created is working according to the software client. That software is run in real-time. There is no error in it. The software is installed in the client's operating system when the client's requirements are met.

Maintenance :

This is the last phase of SDLC. In this, when the user starts using the software, then the software needs to be updated from time to time. If an error also occurs, then that error has to be corrected from time to time.  
We can also add some new features to the software.

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