What is protocol

A protocol is a set of rules that determines how data will be transferred from one device to another device. And how one device will communicate with another device.  the protocol is a communication standard. When communicating with each other, the protocol follows every rule. In computer language, we also call protocol as a digital language.

Without protocols, we cannot communicate with each other over the Internet, nor can we transfer data from one device to another.

 There are different types of protocols and each protocol has different methods, which help determine what its job is and how it will send the information and how to receive the information. If there is an error in sending all this information, then who will manage that error. All these protocols work.

Types of Protocol:

1. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol):

TCP stands for - "Transmission Control Protocol".
TCP is used with Internet Protocol (IP). TCP is an Internet communication protocol. TCP establishes a connection between the two devices and transfers the data from one device to another and splits the data into small packets and sends them through the network to the destination. This protocol is a connection-oriented protocol. This protocol also guarantees data delivery.

2. IP (Internet Protocol):

IP stands for - "Internet Protocol".
IP This is an addressing protocol. It works with both TCP and IP protocols. Every computer on the Internet has its own separate IP address. And identifies all computers on the Internet with the help of that IP address. TCP divides the message into small packets, so each packet has its own IP address which helps the data to reach the correct destination.

3. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol):

Http stands for - "Hypertext Transfer Protocol".
HTTP is a network protocol used to transfer data over www (world wide web).
When HTTP is preceded by a website address (eg Http: //www.tutorialsug.com) any type of data (such as text, images, audio, video) is transferred between the web browser and the server.

4. FTP (File Transfer Protocol ):

FTP is a standard network protocol that uses computer transfer files between client and server anytime and anywhere.
FTP is used to transfer files from one host to another.
The web page is used to transfer files from its creator to a computer that acts as a server for other computers on the Internet.

5. SMTP (Simple mail transport Protocol):

The name of the protocol which is used to send and receive company emails like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Rediff mail is SMTP. When a mail is sent, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is to send the mail to the inbox by receiving the mail from the Sender or sending it to another Folder, all these tasks are done under the supervision of SMTP.

6. Ethernet protocol:

The Ethernet protocol is used in local area network communication. Such as - school, college, office, etc.
Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) is required to connect any computer to LAN.

7. Telnet:

Using the telnet protocol, one computer can be operated remotely from another computer. This requires a remote login ID.
We can access the entire computer through the telnet protocol. The Telnet protocol is used to establish such a connection.
TeamViewer software is a good example of the Telnet protocol.

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