Cloud Computing Security Issues

Cloud Security Issues:

Today we will read about the cloud computing security issue.

1. Confidentiality:

Confidentiality is a very big issue related to data in cloud computing.
The confidentiality of data should be there in cloud computing. If you have stored data on your cloud-like means, then you are its authentic user, then no one can access that data except you. So this confidentiality of data remains.

2. Integrity:

In cloud computing, integrity means that whatever data is stored on the cloud, that data should not be modified or updated without the permission of the owner of that data. If the data is changed or modified, then the integrity of that data is lost.

3. Availability:

The responsibility of cloud service should be that it is available for 24 hours meaning if a user wants to get some paid service, then the cloud should provide that service immediately to the user. And this should work in the base par of the service algorithm.

4. Authentication:

Authentication is a very important part of authentication in cloud computing, authentication verifies the user whether user authentication or unauthorized.
In the cloud, we authenticate the user with the user and password whether we are the valid user of that cloud or not. Service is provided only if there are valid users.

5. Authorization:

Authorization Means access control - This means if any user access is Authentic then that user has the right to access which service on cloud and which service can be used then user authorization is for all these things.

6. Data Access:

In data access, who do we have to give permission to access data, who does not? Meaning if there is some datastore on the cloud, then according to us, we can permit some people to access the data, outside it the user cannot access the data

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