What is cloud computing?

what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is being used a lot. Cloud computing is so popular in computer technology because we can transfer data from one computer to another computer. In cloud computing, we save data and the saved data is on the server. Cloud computing provides service through the Internet. 

Fig: Cloud Computing 

In cloud computing, we can access data from anywhere.

In cloud computing, we can delete or modify the data according to us.

For example: Like we can use Facebook on any phone or computer, it requires a Facebook username and password. There is no such restriction in cloud computing that we can only use Facebook in our mobiles or computers. All data on Facebook will be stored on the server, so we can access it from anywhere.


1. On-demand self-service provides:

In this, the service is provided to the user according to their demand.

2. Cloud Computing Provided Board - Network Access:

In this, the user can use cloud service from anywhere and in any device such as a laptop, mobile, computer, and tablet.

3. Measured Service:

In this, the amount of cloud service the user uses, he has to pay as much money. Here the service depends on the user how much he uses the cloud service.

4. Multiple Density:

Multiple densities mean suppose that a user has purchased a large cloud service, so many people can work on that single cloud platform.

There are four types of cloud computing.

1. Public Cloud:

Public Cloud provides service for everyone. But the service it provides is managed by the user in public cloud service, the user has no control. The public cloud is a bit less secure.

2. Private Cloud:

Private cloud computing provides this personal service, in which the person does not share the cloud store with any other person. Private cloud users can delete or save data as per their choice. Just like Google Drive is an example of a private cloud - we store our important document or data in Google Drive and all data is protected by your email id and password.

3. Hybrid Cloud:

In a hybrid cloud, the user can use two types of cloud: public cloud and private cloud. In this, some data are publicly provided and some data are personally provided.

4. Community Cloud:

Community Cloud provides service only for limited people, meaning people work in groups, there is no permission for outside users.

Cloud computing provides three types of service.

1. Software as a service (SaaS):

Software as a service is mostly used and used. Saas is a platform where users can take any service as per their requirement and have to pay on behalf of the service, then we need the only internet to use saas, we would not have to maintain this software. Vendor does all this work and there is no platform independency.

2. Platform as a service (PaaS):

PaaS service developers user design a platform is created by the developers, in which some tools are provided and some programming language is provided by the user, we can develop an application using our tools and programming languages.

In the platform as a service, the user is never given access to the operating system. In this, we are given access only user interface or access to the application which we have designed.

3. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS):

Iaas provides this self-service and model, in this, we can choose any operating system according to us, such as - Window, Linux, etc. Iaas also provides some virtual storage, IP address, etc. in which a user can use according to their own.

Note:  So, today we read about the definition of cloud computing and its features and its types and cloud computing services.

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